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October 12, 2012

Amazing! You actually managed to break the internet! Thankyou to all our readers

To all readers of, you broke the internet. Thankyou!

You may have noticed we have been offline for a while. Why? On Tuesday, our server blew up because of all your traffic. Literally! From New York to London, to Sydney and Madrid, from Dusseldorf and Zaragoza, we thank you all for reading and having an interest in the power of storytelling.

In a very short time since launch, thousands of you have been reading Storyism around the world. It’s a fledgling soapbox, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the stories so far! If you’d like to read more, why don’t you subscribe to our Facebook page, find us on Tumblr or LinkedIn, join our circle on Google +, get alerts through Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter? There are many ways of getting the latest stories delivered to you, not only by email or RSS feed.

Once again, sorry for the site being down. But thanks for reading – explosions can turn out to be for pretty cool reasons!

And do tell us what you’d like to see more of via the comments section below, or contact me directly to contribute a story via editor at storyism dot net.

Read on, people!

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