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Will Coca-Cola’s obesity ad help or harm their brand? The ‘Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial’ responds

“If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you’ll gain weight” says Coca-Cola in their first anti-obesity ad campaign. Really? The campaign, created by Brighthouse and Citizen2, is a new direction...
by Evon Koprowski


Red Bull manages to smash more than just world records with Felix Baumgartner’s death-defying space jump

Everybody loves a hero. Red Bull has strengthened an international brand with a story that has captivated the world by sponsoring one of the most extreme feats of human achievement ever attempted with Red Bull Stratos – M...
by Evon Koprowski


These free stock photography apps make your content illustration faster and easier

It’s certainly true that mobile technology has vastly improved the way we work. Using apps saves us time when not in front of a computer, and we can still keep storyboarding ideas on our Smartphone or iPad when in line fo...
by Evon Koprowski