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EE twists existing concept of ‘Six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ to tell their brand story. By actually using Kevin Bacon.

UK company Everything Everywhere, aka EE have tapped into the collective consciousness of the ‘Six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ phenomena to sell the UK’s first super fast 4G mobile network and fibre broadband serv...
by Evon Koprowski


What works for social sharing? See the ideal message length, what time you should share, and if hashtags make a difference

When it comes to social media and sharing content, it’s important to know what to say and when to say it. New data by Compendium shows what they have learned about social media best practices for B2B and B2C businesses af...
by Evon Koprowski


Shaken not stirred: Global James Bond Day celebrates 50 years in film and 23rd installment of latest Bond thriller ‘Skyfall’

Last Friday saw fans across the planet celebrating Global James Bond Day, marking 50 years on celluloid with 22 film releases and countless brand affiliations spanning its franchise history that started from Ian Fleming’s...
by Evon Koprowski