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October 31, 2012

Awesome Japanese TV commercials to supply you with cute and funny all year long

When I lived in Tokyo, one of my favourite things to do for a quick happiness pick-me-up was to watch the ads on tv, instead of the actual scheduled programming.

Mind you, I also loved Japanese game shows and televised Sumo matches – Akebono was definitely my favourite guy, and we had a healthy illegal betting ring going on in the house when we settled in for the daily match with a bowl of noodles and a hearty scream.

Nowdays with the power of the internets, we can all enjoy a happy pick-me-up from anywhere with a WIFI connection and a technology window into YouTube.

Every two weeks, YouTube channel Japanese Commercials in HD posts more awesomeness from the land of Mount Fuji and Hello Kitty.

Here’s this month’s roundup. Who doesn’t love a talking toilet?




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