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Banksy's take on Ecce Homo Potato Jesus?

Fake Banksy is a just parody of Ecce Homo Potato Jesus

Social media sites have been going crazy overnight with people trying to discover if acclaimed street artist Banksy did indeed himself pay homage to the Ecce Homo Potato Jesus meme in one of his public artworks. The image is a ...
by Evon Koprowski

The ultimate guide to monitoring online reputation for your brand or personal brand

When it comes to monitoring a brand’s reputation online, there are many things we can all improve. Only 61% of businesses monitor their online reputation on a regular basis, meaning that many don’t think about it mu...
by Evon Koprowski

Twitter relaunches Twitter for Business – see what you can do in 140 characters

Twitter has relaunched Twitter for Business on Monday, helping businesses learn how best to incorporate Twitter into their promotional campaigns. “Content brings the world closer through conversation,” says Twitter ...
by Evon Koprowski