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August 24, 2012

Dogshaming – the latest storytelling craze by Tumblr chief goes viral in less than 1 week

confessions of a Bad Dog, from

Dog owners can now get their own back on bad behaviour with a public display of their canine’s despicable capers in an online gallery of shame.

Dogshaming has recently made headlines around the world only days after being launched due to the site’s popularity and what some perceive as a terrible example of dog parenting.

I bite holes in my owner’s new lawn and I can’t help myself. I had no interest in the scruffy old lawn.

Perhaps because of this negative backlash the site’s new editor has opted to remain anonymous for the time being – although there are many more lovers than haters, as can be attested by the 1000 or so reposts for each image on the Tumblr blog.

Chris Mohney, the editor and chief of Tumblr, is the brainchild behind the Internet phenomenon. He gave the Dogshaming editor-in-chief reins away 2 days ago via public post, with a photo of himself holding a sign that read ‘I just want my life back’. He explained that, “What seemed like a fun idea for a weekend of dogshaming humor has turned into a cultural phenomenon that, sadly, I have neither the time nor inclination to pursue all the dang time.”

Whilst the editor may remain anonymous, the dogs do not. The site’s concept is simple – post a picture of your dog with a note explaining why they are being shamed – and all the better if your pooch looks suitably guilty.

I ignore my dog walker at the beach & hang out with the naked old men so she has to come leash me & see ‘old man junk’. XO, Gordon

The stories of various mutts give entertaining though somewhat off-putting reading: “I am a panini thief”, “I pretend you’re yelling do go into the street”, “I love licking the insides of shoes”, “I like to take used feminine products and hide them under my owner’s bed,” admit some.

One of the site’s stipulations is that no dog confessionals will be posted of a racist nature, or with dead things that were once alive. “I absolutely refuse to post pictures of your pets being racist,” the site’s editor posted two days ago. “My dog only barks at black people. Absolutely not; this is totally unacceptable. Casual racism is never funny, edgy, or okay. Even when it’s coming from a cute fuzzy animal.” The post is tagged as ‘don’t be a racist’, and ‘don’t be a dick’.

“Our neighbours think our dog’s name is Bad Dog Molly,” says one contributor, after posting a picture of her basset hound and the detritus of a ripped bag of flour on their wooden kitchen floor. Adding insult to injury, the words ‘bad dog’ have been written in the flour, with an arrow pointing to the mournful pup.

Some animal activists are up in arms about the site, citing that the dog’s bad behaviour is a reflection of the disciplinary ineptitude of the owner, and it is they who should be shamed. But most see the site for how it is intended – short, humurous stories of dogs who have done bad, whether they realise it or not.

Dogshaming has the potential to be the biggest picture captioning site on the Internet. Why? It’s funny because it’s true. And truth is better than fiction.


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