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September 21, 2012

Ecce Homo accidental ‘restorer’ Cecilia Giménez now suing for her cut of royalties

Giménez’ place amongst the Masters

Poor Cecilia Giménez. First, trying to do something out of the goodness of her heart, then being persecuted for it when it went horribly wrong.

In August this year, the Spanish octogenarian eagerly took to a crumbling fresco in the Sanctuary of Mercy church in her hometown of Borja with a paintbrush and narry a restoration skill in sight. The 81 year old has since been the centre of a global backlash of humour for her restoration attempt of the Ecce Homo painting by Elias Garcia Martinez, and it has affected her so severely with anxiety attacks that she rarely leaves her home to avoid people and the media.

And now, Spanish newspaper El Correro is reporting that Giménez has sought legal council for ‘economic compensation’. But it’s not how you think.

Latuff cartoons

Since the restoration got famous, Irish airline Ryanair has helped thousands of ‘pilgrims’ view the botched painting first-hand with a new flight to Zaragoza airport, leading to increased tourism for the local area. The church itself has been asking people for donations, with some generous souls giving €50 notes at a time. And since Saturday, the Santi Spiritus Hospital Foundation which oversees the church have started charging a €1 entrance fee – over €2000 has been gathered in 4 days alone.

The decision has angered Giménez and her family as the Foundation already receives payment for their work from other sources. As the artist, Gimenez legally receives no royalties for the work.

“She just wants the church to conform with the law,” said Enrigue Trebolle, Ms Gimenez’s lawyer. “If this implies an economic compensation, she wants it to be for charitable purposes.”

If successful, Giménez will give her cut in its entirety to Muscular Atrophy charities in honour of her son who suffers from the condition.


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