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August 3, 2012

Facebook curates ‘Facebook Stories’ to showcase people using technology in extraordinary ways

Social media giant Facebook yesterday launched the Facebook Stories website that aims to showcase the extraordinary life experiences of its users.

To get involved, users must install an application after which they are invited to contribute their story. As the app explains, “Stories is now accepting submissions from people who’ve used Facebook to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible before Facebook. We’re looking for extraordinary, touching or surprising stories on any kind of topic – from memory, to love, to childhood.”

During the month of August the theme is ‘Remembering’. Users can submit articles, videos, illustrations, or playlists to the website, where gatekeepers will determine the worth of their submission. The first instalment features selections from the archives of New Yorker magazine, with links to articles that focus on memory. There is also a story about a local community from Guleph Ontario and their collective memories about an important historic building. And go to the site to read about Mayank Sharma, the extraordinary young man from New Delhi in India who lost his memory after contracting meningitis and how he used Facebook’s ‘People You May Know’ feature to help rebuild his past.

Another interesting find is an infographic showing the most important milestones people like to remember and share on Facebook.

To stay connected to Facebook Stories, users can like the Facebook page, or subscribe to the monthly podcast on iTunes.

Other social networks are also doing similar things by highlighting their community’s involvement. In 2011 Twitter launched Twitter Stories, where they say that “each story reminds us of the humanity behind Tweets that make the world smaller”. And earlier this year Tumblr also created Storyboard, as they say, to “highlight talented creators and their work, as found within the massively diverse Tumblr community”.

Facebook previously launched a similar stories application in 2010 that was integrated with Bing, which let users search for stories by theme or location.


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