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September 12, 2012

How the iPhone 5 will improve social media storytelling

Apple launched many new innovations at the hottest media event in San Francisco yesterday, the most anticipated being the unveiling of iPhone 5.

The live blog on Mashable had many speculating on what was to come as journalists waited to report on the event. “This could very well be the end of a product life cycle unless Apple has a new breakthrough in their technologies,” commented blog follower Jeremy K.

Zack Shutt said he hoped for a fingerprint scanner to unlock the new iPhone.

“We’ve got some really cool stuff to show you. It’s an amazing time at Apple.” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

It was finally presented by Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple. “Today we’re introducing iPhone 5,” he said. “It is an absolute jewel… the most beautiful product we have ever made.”

Made entirely of glass and aluminium, the iPhone 5 is only 7.6 mm thin, which is 18% thinner than the 4S. And it only weighs 112gm, 20% lighter that its predecessor. It is slightly longer, and the battery life is better.

But what does it mean for productivity?

As brand managers and storytellers, our jobs don’t stop. For us, iPads and iPhones are increasingly important – former Apple CEO Steve Jobs had it right when he said we are living in a post-PC world.

If we have easy to use technology at our fingertips, we can document, create, repost and share content quicker than ever before. The response time to our audience becomes increasingly better, and we can forge more immediate connections with people into a flowing conversation rather than a stilted one.

More impetus for video sharing

At 4 inches measured diagonally, the new iPhone 5 lets us view full-width movies without cropping. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s virtually built for experiencing video. And since we know that videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined, perhaps we’ll see more brand storytellers creating visual content. Especially with the launch of YouTube’s new app, which makes sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media so much easier.

Larger screen means improved workflow 

The larger screen also shows us another row of icons, and lets us see five days at a time in the calendar instead of just three. The more organised we are, the better we can do our jobs. And of course, having voice-activated Siri doesn’t hurt, either.

More playtime and faster speeds

Battery life is increased. Yay! And running on 4G LTE, the iPhone 5 has the capacity to connect to providers of the best wireless data networks, meaning that website browsing will be much, much faster. It also sports an Apple A6 processor, said to work twice as fast as the 4S at tasks like launching apps and processing graphics.

Images look better

The screen resolution has increased from 960×640 pixels in the iPhone 4S to 1136×640 for the iPhone 5. Which means we will want to show off our visual brand stories even more.

Taking photos is easier

With the rise of niche social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, we know that it makes sense for us as brand storytellers to focus on the visuals. The front and back cameras have been improved to 720p and 1080p respectively, and a high-definition panoramic photo feature has been added.

Talking is clearer

Apple says that connecting with people via voice calls will be better too. The iPhone 5 has three microphones to capture what you say, plus a noise-cancelling earpiece so you can hear the other person better. At the launch, it was said that Apple’s new ‘wideband’ audio will make calls clearer because it will “fill up more of the frequency spectrum”.

The kicker

The dock connector. Called Lightning, it’s changed to be smaller. Which means we’ll be paying for third-party products so we can still use our iPhones with our Bang & Olufsen speakers (I wish).

Available in black and slate or white and silver, the iPhone starts shipping on 21 Sept. with pre-orders ready from tomorrow.


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