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November 14, 2012

Need some help understanding Reddit? Here’s your complete marketing field guide

If you don’t use Reddit, you may be missing a huge potential for connecting with people. Reddit brands itself as ‘the front page of the Internet’, and with good cause – 43 million users generate more than 3 billion page views a month.

In truth, the social news media and bookmarking site has been hard for new users to adapt to. It’s confusing on first look, but that’s only because of the old-school interface design. Dig a little under the hood though, and you’ll find that Reddit can be very useful to your content marketing strategy if you play the game right.

Remember that Reddit is a community of people who don’t take very kindly to shameless promotion. You can, however, post your brand stories if they really are of value – a hilarious tv ad, or Facebook campaign for social good, for example. If your content is good, it will be voted up.

Here are more tips for understanding Reddit. Importantly, have a look at the final 3 tips on how you can engage more fully, even if that means using your personal brand instead of hiding behind the anonymity of your corporate face.

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Evon Koprowski
Brand storyteller, creative strategist, content marketer and all round bon vivant at Red Fortune Media where I growth hack projects for the arts, culture, tourism, technology and social sectors. I'm freelance - if I can help you, get in touch.

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