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September 12, 2012

Social networking and art competitions? Artspace launches Tumblr contest to find new talent

Leading contemporary online art dealer Artspace has launched ‘the next Artspace artist’ competition on blogging site Tumblr.

Running over 4 weeks, artists have a chance to win $1000US by posting their best pieces by using the #NEXTArtspaceArtist tag. But just entering is not enough – the competition is also calling for people to like the entries via social media such as Facebook. And specifically, by reposting the image to their own Tumblr blog. The most popular wins.

The winner will also receive an Artspace Edition and Private Sale marketing package, the creation of an Artspace limited edition print based on the artist’s original artwork, a video or print interview posted on Artspace, and additional global promotion to contemporary art collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

But will the contest be swayed by Tumblr’s younger user group? After all, 20% of the site’s users are 12-18 years old.

Each week 3 semifinalists are chosen from a whittled-down selection, and the final group of 12 must continue competing in the social media popularity contest to find the 3 finalists overall. However, the overall winner will be chosen by a panel of experts.

So far, photography seems to be a standout. So much so, that the competition directors have made sure to include other media in week 2 like collage, painting, sculpture, and the digital arts.

Artists also provide a description of their work. “One’s fascination with nature is universal,” writes Bobby Gilbreath of his painting I Want to Understand You like the Moon Understands the Earth. “We adore, worship, and stand in awe of nature. We come from it, and eventually we return to it. It provides us with some of the most beautiful phenomena. However, these phenomena are no rare occurrence. We encounter them all the time, though we are too caught up in human drama and fail to recognize them.”

If you’d like to enter, round 3 of the competition closes this Friday.


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