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February 20, 2013

The psychology of colour in branding: which ones make you mad, bad, and dangerous to know?

Scientists have proven that colour influences our emotions. Brand marketers know this too. That’s why when designing the look and feel of your logo, livery or other design pieces, you must remember to consider your business values and be clear on what emotions you want your brand to convey.

How do you show honesty, for example? Strength, or creativity? If your graphic designer understands the psychology of colour, they can help you with this. If not, have a look at these two infographics for some clarity.

The top chart by The Logo Company gives real world examples of existing brands and the emotions they convey based on their logos. For example, Coca-Cola, Virgin, YouTube, Nintendo, and Pinterest have red in their logos to portray youthful excitement and a go-getter attitude.

The bottom infographic by Attwood Digital further explains that red is best used for action orientated products and brands to convey such feelings as adventure, fire, anger, lust, courage, and rebellion.

Colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Yet although it’s an important consideration for brand design, it’s not the only one. There are other aspects of the design process that are also important. Colour theory gives a fascinating look into buyer psychology, but remember that it can be subjective as well. Always listen to your designer’s suggestions – don’t use a particular colour just because everyone else in your segment is, use creative thinking to design something original and memorable that resonates with your brand values as well.




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