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November 14, 2012

Tumblr directs brands to favourite agencies in new ‘A-List’ Partnership Program

In response to growing interest from brands, Tumblr has launched an A-List Partnership Program in an effort to enable brand storytelling to be the best it can be on the social blogging site.

The A-List is a a group of advertising, creative, and media agencies, plus technology providers and theme specialists that include the likes of BBH, Carrot Creative, Poke, Social@Ogilvy, and 360i.

“Brands are increasingly experiencing Tumblr as the most unique and engaging way to participate in creative storytelling with consumers,” says the Tumblr website. “Tumblr’s A-List partners are fully equipped with the right tools to provide their clients the ultimate Tumblr experience.

“We couldn’t be happier with the early success brands have had using Tumblr to tell their stories, and we’ve been honored to work with some of the most creative and talented agencies around the world. “

A-list Partners will have unparalleled access to training from Tumblr staff, support from Tumblr’s brand strategists and PR department, with access to Tumblr’s API team and data firehose.

Carrot Creative has recently launched their own web presence on Tumblr, called EveryDayWeTumbln.

“What makes Tumblr so valuable for brands is its open-ended design and the tendency of content to spread further than on other networks,” said Nick Perold, VP of strategic development at Carrot Creative.

“Because Tumblrs can be custom-designed, brands have a real opportunity for nuanced, visually-driven storytelling; by ‘reblogging’ consumers can take this content and make it their own – lending the full weight of their blog to the original message, rather than being counted anonymously in a mass of ‘likes’.”

Irfan Kamal, SVP and head of partnerships for Social@Ogilvy said that they have been working with IBM on their ‘Smarter Planet’ Tumbr initiative. “We think Tumblr has a unique, very visual approach toward content,” he said, “and it’s one that we think has a lot of promise.”

Tumblr currently hosts more than 80 million blogs with 35 billion posts, with users creating more than 70 million new posts a day.

More information on Tumblr’s A-List Partnership Program can be found here.


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