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January 28, 2013

When personal branding goes viral: Philippe Dubost’s CV looks like an Amazon product

Any takers? A close-up of Dubost’s CV

Available: one fit, good-looking six foot Parisian smiling bad boy with an entrepreneur mindset who speaks three languages and is willing to relocate for the right working relationship – so says Philippe Dubost’s CV that is currently making waves around the world.

Built to look like an exact replica of an Amazon product page, Dubost has received hundreds of messages of support from the public, plus invitations for media interviews and offers of work since his online CV went viral after being mentioned last Thursday in an article by Mashable as being the best online resume ever.

As to why he chose to recreate himself as a product available on Amazon, Dubost says it was for fun. “Never expected such a buzz,” he says on his Twitter feed. “For me it was just a fun link to send to make my applications stand out.”

The CV has many interactive elements, including a link that asks, “Did we miss any relevant features for this product? Check on LinkedIn what we missed,” taking the site user to Dubost’s more traditional LinkedIn profile. 

And although there is a option to ‘Add to Wedding Registry’, rolling over the button will not allow it to be clicked. This may in part relate to his one star reviews – Dubost cheekily says they refer to “lots of ex-girlfriends”, which may have prospective geek employers snarking and elbowing each other in the ribs.

The CV took Dubost about 2 days to create, but fielding interview requests and responding to social media is taking much longer. Dubost also experienced traffic problems as thousands of people came to see his site, forcing him to switch to a dedicated server.

As well as Mashable, Dubost has also been featured on Gizmodo, Spanish radio Cadena SER, Italian newspaper Repubblica, Yahoo and NBC NY, The Independent in the UK, and News92 radio Houston USA, helping to yield over 100 job offers he is now considering.

“So many awesome companies, projects, entrepreneurs, I’m starting to feel like a spoilt kid with too many toys,” Dubost told Susie Mesure from The Independent. “And yes, among those, there are indeed a few opportunities that match what I’m looking for and that I’m going to pursue.”

There has already been at least one copy-cat attempt, this one by Sonia Williams selling herself as a Laboratory Technician. It is, however, a direct posting on eBay, and not an attempt at a recreation of the site – see below.


Here is a screenshot of Dubost’s CV (note the instant update message), or you can go play with it in full interactive mode on his website.

A screengrab of Dubost’s CV as an Amazon product



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