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October 1, 2012

Planned service interruption: Why your Tumblr site will be down this weekend

Fans of microblogging platform Tumblr may receive a rude awakening this weekend as Tumblr sites will be down for an undisclosed period of time.

All sites will be unavailable from 4am ET on Saturday October 6, and will sporadically come back online a few hours after the shut down. Time zone differences mean this will be 4am in New York, 9am in London, and 6pm in Sydney.

“We are now ready to complete the last major step in upgrading our infrastructure,” Blake Matheny, VP of Tumblr Engineering in a message posted to site users. “Unfortunately, it has one very uncomfortable side-effect: all traffic to blogs and the Dashboard will be suspended during the operation.”

Site users are strongly complaining about the outage being scheduled for a Saturday. “What will life be like during those ‘few’ hours???” posted one worried blogger.

Here’s the full notice from Tumblr:


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