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November 15, 2012

Will Coke’s new brand storytelling platform ‘Coca-Cola Journey’ bring about the return of the corporate website?

The Coca-Cola company has replaced its traditional corporate website with Coca-Cola Journey, an interactive online magazine they say will lead the next generation in corporate storytelling.

Co-developed by Perfect Sense Digital and The Wonderfactory, Coke says the digital magazine will focus on universally important topics, social causes and company news, and will tell the story of Coca-Cola in a creative and refreshing way.

The new web presence has been crafted to look far more like a news and entertainment site, with every social media status update aggregated on Coca-Cola Journey for each company brand. The navigation is clear, and allows users to read stories, share opinions, read blogs, and watch videos.

The first edition features a cover story on India as one of the world’s biggest growth markets, Coke’s relationship with their 50 million fans on Facebook, Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent’s ‘Five Keys to Innovation’, and more than 70 other pieces of content that are seen to be of importance to a global community.

Join us on our journey. Give it your energy. Make it global. Share it. Make it yours.

On their blog, The Wonderfactory asks us if the world needs another publisher. “It doesn’t,” they say. “But if you’ve ever visited the home pages of the top 100 brands, and we have, you’ll notice that the world definitely does not need just another corporate Web site. They all telegraph, immediately, that they have something to sell. It’s like going into a retail store and hearing a clerk ask, “What can I sell you?” instead of  “How can I help you?”

Ashely Brown, director of digital communications and social media at Coca-Cola said that “More than anything, we prioritized what creates a great user experience over the latest design trends. We want to make sure that as our brand becomes a publisher, we do so in the most beautiful and functional way possible.

“We want Coca-Cola Journey to be a place where thoughtful people indulge their curiosity about the world around them, engage in a civil discussion and hopefully learn a little more about one of the world’s best-known companies. For our part, we commit to be an open, transparent, and honest host and a thoughtful curator.”

It is clear that Coca-Cola are making a huge commitment to becoming a publisher of creative and compelling content, and may just become a market leader of corporate publishing in doing so. They are pursuing a strategy whereby all social media posts are together in one place, and in essence bringing about the return of the corporate web presence within one online platform that speaks about the brand, engages with fans, and provides meaningful stories.

“Coca-Cola Journey is the most ambitions digital project Coca-Cola as ever undertaken,” said Clyde Tuggle, senior vice president and chief public affairs and communications officer for Coke.

“We hope Coca-Cola journey will be a place where people will share their curiosity about the world, engage in stimulating debate, and find out what is at the core of Coke – our quality brands, our business, our people, and our ever-expanding commitment to social good.”


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