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November 2, 2012

Copywriter versus Art Director – the age-old debate of who buys the beers

There’s a very interesting thread over on LinkedIn at the moment, and it goes a little something like this. “If we met in the pub, how would I know the Art Directors from the Copywriters?”

Naturally, there are some very thoughtful answers. “There’d only be Art Directors there,” says one contender. “The writers would be in the wine bar down the road.”

The Copywriters would be sat down. The Art Directors would be getting the beers. Tight sods.

“The Copywriter will come up with the idea of having a night out and organise everything,” says another. “The Art Director will make a fuss about the pub’s decor and then claim it was his idea to go out in the first place.”

Perhaps. Here’s another little pearl of wisdom: “If they have the same IQ level, the Copywriter would be very interested in translating something very nonsense from the Art Director into something everyone understands. The Copywriter will stop doing that when the Art Director orders the 3rd beer.”

In any case, the Copywriter versus Art Director Facebook group have some great illustrations on this timeless debate. Have a look at some of their particular pearls of wisdom below.

The tattoo.

The text doesn’t fit the layout.

The Moleskine.

The reason for our anger.

The vintage version.

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