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November 13, 2012

‘Jesus Christ, Fenton!’ YouTube hit remastered by EE to mark one year of laughs

Today marks the anniversary of Fenton the Labrador’s rise to fame, and EE are cashing in on the viral hit to promote their new 4G mobile services.

EE are currently in the beginning stages of creating their brand story, and with past precedence of the Kevin Bacon campaign, it seems they are using popular culture as a vehicle.

The Fenton video has currently amassed over 7 million views, and for good reason. It’s wee laugh funny. We see Fenton’s poor owner chasing him through London’s Royal Richmond Park whilst Fenton himself has a whale of a time terrorizing the local deer population, eventually driving them straight across a busy adjoining road. “Jesus Christ, Fenton!!” yells the man.

It’s hilarious. You really should see it.

Jake Goodyear, 14, captured the original footage.“It’s amazing to see what a quiet walk in the park this time last year has produced,” he said. “The original video became the top trending topic on Twitter and now that EE has taken it to the next level, I can’t wait to see how many people share this remastered version.”

Together with their agency Poke, EE have created their own tribute to Fenton. The goal is to show potential clients that by using EE as a service provider, customers can directly stream HD videos without any need for buffering.

“Working with herds of deer (surprising divas) and a particularly curious squirrel,” say Poke, “we’ve taken the well-loved original and brought it into Britain’s bright digital future.”

Click on the pic to see more behind the scenes over at Poke

Spencer Mc Hugh, brand director at EE said, “As there is arguably no YouTube video more epic than Fenton, we wanted to make it even more epic by creating our own remastered version – so it can be enjoyed on the go on superfast 4G, in all its epic glory.”

So without further ado, please – sit back, grab a tissue in readiness, and enjoy Britain’s most famous dog in his most epic moment.




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