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March 8, 2013

New social media network Yappem rewards people for talking about your brand

New social media network Yappem has launched out of beta earlier this week, ready to facilitate an online community to interact and share stories about their daily brand experiences.

Yappem goes further than just being an online network though, as it actively rewards users for posting content about brands. It also has a gamification element where users complete ‘missions’ to collect more coins that can be exchanged for real world gift cards and discounts to stores such as Amazon, Gap, Old Navy, and Lowes.

“It was a priority to make the Yappem experience rewarding and fun,” said Justin Webb, Yappem CEO and Co-Founder. “The addition of gamification in an app can increase user interaction by 340%.”

The platform already has a handful of early adopters, with Hasbro, Herman Miller, McDonald’s, Menchies Frozen Yoghurt, and PetAmor already on board and creating campaigns.

During Yappem’s launch at this week’s SXSWi in Austen TX, users will receive a ‘Be Our Guest’ coupon from McDonalds to try a Big Mac, asking users to write a review through a specialised mission on Yappem with the hashtag #BigMac.

“At Yappem it is our goal to empower and reward the individual voice,” said Dave Sachse, Yappem Founder and Executive Vice President. “Yappem is rewarding users in a fun and creative way that is beneficial to the user and the brands.”

When reviewing your brand, people can choose to comment in four different ways:

  • as an Experience post: share how they feel about a brand
  • as a Compare post: ask for friends’ opinions on two items
  • as a Suggestion post: share an idea with a brand or connections
  • as a Support post: ask connections or a brand community for support.

One interesting feature is the ability to reward other users for their input via Yappem coins. Called a ‘bounty’, this process is used to give incentives for responses to posts.

Yappem has raised $2.5 million in private investment so far, allowing founders Dave Sachse and Justin Webb to create Yappem over a 10 month period. Yappem’s iPhone app launched earlier this week, with the android version coming soon.

You can check out plenty of other features at Yappem’s YouTube channel.


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