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Twitter relaunches Twitter for Business – see what you can do in 140 characters

Twitter has relaunched Twitter for Business on Monday, helping businesses learn how best to incorporate Twitter into their promotional campaigns. “Content brings the world closer through conversation,” says Twitter in their promotional video. “Those conversations lead to customers. Customers lead to business, and leading businesses say it on Twitter.” Twitter processes over 400 million tweets […] Social Media

New social media network Yappem rewards people for talking about your brand

New social media network Yappem has launched out of beta earlier this week, ready to facilitate an online community to interact and share stories about their daily brand experiences. Yappem goes further than just being an online network though, as it actively rewards users for posting content about brands. It also has a gamification element where […] Advertising

Agency: Grey London crowns Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Tinie Tempah as royalty

The Grey London agency has finished adding the final touches to their campaign for The Sunday Times in the UK, crowning celebrities Kate Moss as Queen Elizabeth II, Victoria Beckham as Queen Victoria, and Tinie Tempah as King Louis XVI. The ‘Fashion Royalty’ campaign is to promote The Sunday Times’ upcoming 2013 Best Dressed List […] Social Media

Sesame Street is the first non-profit to celebrate 1 billion views on YouTube

The Count von Count, Sesame Street’s monster who loves to count, has just released a new video today marking Sesame Street’s massive milestone of over 1 billion views on YouTube by counting them. The video, called ‘Counting the “You”s in YouTube’, celebrates a first on YouTube for a nonprofit or US children’s media outlet to reach […] Branding

Win a trip to Paris: Mercedes-Benz invites your photos via Instagram and #Untamed

The latest global brand storytelling campaign that taps into the creative value of Instagram is German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. Users of the photo sharing platform Instagram can choose their three most unusual images to win a chance for them to be included in an international photo installation in Paris in April next month. Entitled #Untamed, […] Cheats & Tips

The urban Twictionary: how to tweetup, twurvey, and twantrum on Twitter

Did you know that the act of being addicted to Twitter is referred to as being ‘attwicted’? So says, an online Twitter dictionary and independent guide to Twitter-related words, acronyms and phrases that readers can vote up or down, according to whether they agree with the description. Marketo used Twittonary’s content to create this infographic, […]


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Support those who really made the London 2012 Olympic Games possible… but can’t say

Earlier this week, Prime Minister David Cameron chaired the Creative Industries Summit to promote British businesses involved with the Games, despite most not being able to take advantage of their association. The ‘No Mar...
by Evon Koprowski


Stories of the World: Cultural Olympiad

The London 2012 Olympics are using storytelling to connect people and cultures during the Cultural Olympiad of the 2012 Games. Stories of the World is a project that involves nearly sixty museums and libraries across the UK, wi...
by Evon Koprowski


Assa Kaupi, The Race is Over 2011. Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow, Poland.

Storyism was, and still is, part of the Olympic Games

Few people know that you could win an Olympic medal for artistic endeavours. From 1912 until 1952, it was possible to enter the Games and compete to be the best in painting, sculpture, graphic design, architecture, town planni...
by Evon Koprowski

London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. Photo credit, Nick Webb.

London 2012: The story of a nation

Danny Boyle, Oscar-wining director of Slumdog Millionaire fame, is said to have spent £27 million on his opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games. But was it worth it? As one of the world’s biggest storytellin...
by Evon Koprowski



Gold medal tea drinking effort golfclaps for UK

Although international branding by a certain committee rules that it is very difficult to use the familiar five-ringed logo for anything else other than promotion of the world’s biggest and most prestigious sporting event...
by Evon Koprowski


Olympics offer cleverdicks a chance to express themselves

Thanks to London 2012, the Olympic Games have offered some cause for clever complaint. Fuelling the fires of the ‘whinging pom’ cliche, popular Shoreditch store Maiden are selling designer Toby Leigh’s sympathy-enducing...
by Evon Koprowski