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February 5, 2013

The top 3 Super Bowl ads as voted on by you: from GoDaddy, Tide and Taco Bell

What makes an ad successful? During last Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII marketing analytics company Networked Insights looked at over 24 million real-time social media conversations to find out which ads were the best according to viewers.

Want to see if you agree? ‘Perfect Match’ – Most Post Volume

GoDaddy’s ad certainly made an impression with a very simple concept – beautiful girl and nerdy boy kiss to illustrate GoDaddy’s tag line: ‘When sexy meets smart, your small business scores’. But many were as disgusted as delighted to be seeing model Bar Refaeli in an intimate moment with someone she might normally not hang out with, let alone kiss.

  • 35% of all social media comments were about how race car driver Danica Patrick, who introduces the ad, is ruining her career endorsing the GoDaddy brand
  • 35% of comments were about how disgusting this ad is, especially the icky sound effects
  • 7% of comments were about Bar Refaeli
  • 1% thought that GoDaddy had hired Michael Richards (Kramer from Sinefeld) to play the geek


Tide: ‘Miracle Stain’ – Highest Positive Sentiment

Tide created an ad specific to this year’s Super Bowl, showing positivity and support for both teams. Whilst watching the game a husband’s San Francisco 49ers football jersey gets a stain resembling 49ers great Joe Montana, and is washed out by his Baltimore Ravens fan wife.

  • 30% of viewers gave it a complete thumbs up, commenting that it was clever, cute and hilarious
  • 14% appreciated that the wife in the ad was a Ravens fan
  • 9% of people actually used the associated hashtag #MiracleStain in their posts
  • 8% thought it funny that the stain was of Joe Montana


Taco Bell: ‘Viva Young’ – Highest Post Volume and Sentiment

Taco Bell’s spot tugs at heart strings and pokes funny bones at Bernie Goldblatt and his young at heart friends as they sneak out of the Glebcobrooke Retirement Home ‘Live Mas’ for a big night on the town, ending up at Taco Bell. The ad features the band Fun singing their hit ‘We Are Young’ in comically bad Spanish.

  • 24% of people thought the ad was hilarious
  • 13% of comments showed support for featuring old people
  • 12% thought that this ad was the best of the Super Bowl
  • 9% of responses were about the music

Spending on the Super Bowl air time cost as much as $133,000 per second, or up to $3.8 million per 30 second ad spot.



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