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January 24, 2013

This Digital Marketing Tube Map is a great guide to help with internet marketing tactics

The London Underground celebrates 150 years this January, and Hallam Internet has used its birthday for inspiration to create a great Digital Marketing Tube Map for the content marketing community.

The map shows train lines similar to the London Tube map as individual campaigns or campaign platforms, and stations as areas of consideration for campaign success. Search engine optimisation, social media, and content optimisation are amongst some of the digital marketing tactics featured.

Hallam Internet’s managing director Susan Hallam says, “We hope our Digital Marketing Tube Map will be a useful guide for those new to the Internet marketing world and be a handy reminder of the complexities of a successful Internet marketing campaign for the rest of us.”

The map also helps people strategise audience reach and segmentation, shows tools required for successful digital campaign development, plus key performance indicators (KPIs) for the measurement of success.

The map was created by Susan Hallam and Ben Wood of Hallam Internet.

Click on this link for a larger copy of the map.

The iconic London Underground map (below) was created in 1931 by Harry Beck, an engineer who came up with the radical idea of presenting the rail network as a diagram rather than a geographical map. He was paid just five guineas for the design, which is still in use today and has never been bettered.

The first London Underground map designed by Harry Beck in 1931


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