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February 22, 2013

Twitter launches advertising API with Adobe, HootSuite,, SHIFT and TBG Digital as partners

Leader of real time social media information Twitter has finally opened up its advertising API (Ad Application Program Interface), allowing 5 specific launch partners to optimise social media advertising campaigns for clients similar to what is currently available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Adobe, HootSuite,, SHIFT and TBG Digital have created their own software tools that integrate with Twitter’s advertising platform, allowing brands and advertisers to respond immediately to top trending Twitter hashtags whilst simplifying the process of ad buying and campaign building. SHIFT is the only open marketing platform with both Twitter Ads API access and the Facebook sPMD classification.

The Twitter API release comes at a time when second screen advertising is at an all time high. TBG Digital CEO Simon Mansell points out that an estimated 47% of people use their iPad or smart phone whilst watching tv, especially during live event sponsorship and ad breaks.

Oreo’s recent ‘Dunk in the Dark’ tweet in response to the Super Bowl’s blackout is a prime example of how the API may be used. Marketing analytics company Networked Insights identified 24 million social media conversations going on around the event. Oreo, one of the advertisers buying tv ad space during the Super Bowl, noticed a huge spike in users on Twitter talking about the unexpected blackout during the game. Their savvy marketers quickly put together and tweeted an ad that read “You can still dunk in the dark”, which instantly went viral and was shared immediately between 12,000 people.

All in all, the process took 4 minutes. It is hoped that these new tools could help marketers respond to similar real world events within seconds.

Adobe has identified their Twitter ad management features to include budget and schedule setting, geo-targeted ads, hashtag monitoring, and device choice. They have already been testing the API func­tion­al­ity with sev­eral key clients includ­ing Levi Strauss & Co. and Thread­les.

“As with all Twit­ter adver­tis­ing prod­ucts, we are tak­ing a thought­ful approach in how we develop new tech­nolo­gies that help mar­keters, and users, get the great­est value out of Twit­ter,” said Adam Bain, Twitter’s pres­i­dent of global rev­enue. “We are thrilled to have Adobe be part of our Ads API beta as they bring together mea­sure­ment, opti­miza­tion and fore­cast­ing in a sin­gle solution.”

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite says that their platform now allows clients to instantly buy promoted tweets from their HootSuite dashboard. “HootSuite provides our clients with the ability to amplify their owned content, keeping them at the forefront of social advertising opportunities,” said Holmes.

TBG Digital is offering their clients tools that combine strategy, content, media and measurement across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. “Our mission is to help brands secure the greatest amount of tangible value from the broadest investment in social media’s varied platforms,” says TBG.

For more information visit Twitter’s advertising blog, Announcing the Twitter Ads API, or download Salesforce’s free ebook The Guide to Successful Twitter Ad Campaigns.

Alternatively, you can also apply for access to the Twitter Ads API and collaborate as a partner.

HootSuite's dashboard showing targeted promoted tweets.

HootSuite’s dashboard showing targeted promoted tweets.



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