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April 2, 2013

Twitter relaunches Twitter for Business – see what you can do in 140 characters

Twitter has relaunched Twitter for Business on Monday, helping businesses learn how best to incorporate Twitter into their promotional campaigns.

“Content brings the world closer through conversation,” says Twitter in their promotional video. “Those conversations lead to customers. Customers lead to business, and leading businesses say it on Twitter.”

Twitter processes over 400 million tweets a day for 200 million active users, making it one of the most important social networks for engaging with customers.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen have used Twitter successfully with contests, such as their 2012 campaign to launch the new Polo. Together with advertising agency DDB, Volkswagen created a game that could be played via Twitter to win a new Polo VW.

Participants registered to play the ‘Polowers’ game on a microsite (a mashup of ‘Polo’ and ‘followers’), tweeting messages with the hashtag #polowers through their personal accounts to advance a virtual Polo car forwards. The last tweet to push the car over the finish line won the car.

“With Twitter, we were able to connect with our target audience, get them to engage continuously for eight hours and offer them the kind of brand content they enjoy interacting with online and on mobile,” said Pedro Fondevilla, head of Advertising at Volkswagen-Audi Spain. “The increase in positive brand sentiment delivered the biggest value for our brand.”

Volkswagen’s campaign drove over 150,000 Tweets in eight hours, and increased their follower base by 50%.

Three keys to business success as highlighted by Twitter are to:

  1. Adapt to your target audience,
  2. Integrate across channels to create awareness, and
  3. Engage Twitter users wherever they are.

You can see more stories of how other businesses have successfully used Twitter here.


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