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March 5, 2013

Win a trip to Paris: Mercedes-Benz invites your photos via Instagram and #Untamed

The latest global brand storytelling campaign that taps into the creative value of Instagram is German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

Users of the photo sharing platform Instagram can choose their three most unusual images to win a chance for them to be included in an international photo installation in Paris in April next month.

Entitled #Untamed, its purpose is to show people’s personal style. The installation will show a rotating series of pictures rated by Mercedes-Benz, giving each a score based on distinctiveness. Supposedly, the same brand values are present in the new Mercedes-Benz CLA motor vehicle, such as being extraordinary and unique.

“Untamed is the first digital photo exhibition of its kind,” says Mercedes-Benz on the competition website.

Whilst this it may be, Mercedes-Benz are not really putting their money where their mouth is. Are they offering the winners a trip to Paris? No. But they are more than willing to ‘curate’ their work in support of their brand. Legitimately, of course. Collecting hundreds of original images that would otherwise cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock photography.

Where is the give and take, Mercedes-Benz? I see the take, and I see people wanting to share their work. What I don’t see is you caring about your community. Can these artists afford one of your cars? Maybe not. Maybe they’re not even your target market. But it really wouldn’t cost you very much to say thank you by offering a little bit more than just photo credits.

The installation is being created by by Jung von Matt / Alster. To participate, upload your Instagram photos to

Here are some of the best images so far – you can see more on our Pinterest board.



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